How to walk a dog instead of the dog walking u?

Is it true that u should hold the leash in one hand and the extended part in the other so that the dog will walk on the side u want?

Some do. Obdience classes. They teach you how to train your dog. Besides the classes can be fun for you and your dog…


  1. that’s how I trained my dogs so I guess it works. not everyone does it though. everyone has their own way of training. you have to find what works best for you
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  2. I have always used a harness rather than a neck collar to train my dogs to walk with me.. the dog on the left etc.
    these collars pull the dog from under as opposed to on their neck and really require a lot less physical activity on your part.

    good luck
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  3. Some do. Obdience classes. They teach you how to train your dog. Besides the classes can be fun for you and your dog…
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  4. you keep the leash short & the dog in close to your left leg. do not use those "flexi" leads
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  5. There is a lead that goes over their nose (sort of like a horse’s bridle) and makes it impossible for them to pull.

    Obedience classes would be good too.
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  6. Yes. When your dog starts to pull, stop. When he/she stops you go again. After a while the dog will learn "tight lead stop, loose lead go" and will become more cooperative. Also when you stop, say "no pulling" or "don’t pull". This way as he/she gets better you will be able to use words instead of stopping.
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    Raising and training dogs for 25 years

  7. Your dog should walk on the right side and right along with you-not ahead or too far behind. If the dog is walking you then you stop where you are and wait for the dog to turn and look at you. Get him/her back to heel and then continue walking. Continue doing this every time the dog walks you and if it still happens end the walk and try again a little later.
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  8. First, watch the Dog whisperer, Ceasar has GREAT tips.
    Second, find your "word" like heel or s/thing along those lines, and let the dog know that you mean business.
    Third, you have to be consistent and work with him every day.
    If you use a choke chain, make sure that it is up right under his ears and not just around the neck. Also, make sure that you pull to the side when correcting him not straight back, that will make him pull harder.

    It is hard, but if i can walk all three of my labs ranging in weight from 130-45lbs, and I am a 5’4" female (not telling my weight, but it’s not that bad) all at the same time, you can do this. It just takes lots of patience and practice.

    YOU have to be their pack leader!!
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  9. Yes. The dog should walk with his head at your knee level. In the beginning the dog will try to pull away, but he’ll adapt to the new rule: you’re in charge, you’re the alpha dog. When the dog tries to go before you, just pull firmly the leash, and bring him to the position that shows him you’re in charge, not him. Dogs are animals that like wolves, need a pack leader. If you let him be in charge, you’ll be in trouble later on. Have you tried to put him in obedience classes ?
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  10. This is one way to walk the dog, but it’s not necessary. You need to teach the dog to pay attention to you when walking so that you can set the pace. One way to do this is every time the dog starts to pull, turn and walk the other way. After several times, the dog will realize that it must watch you to determine where to go. When the dog is walking nicely, praise it or give it a treat.

    If you have a large dog, a head halter such as a gentle leader (available at pet stores) can help without requiring much strength on your end.
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  11. You should hold the leash in your hand and let the loose part hang, in the left hand if you are right handed. In my city a legal leash can only be six feet long. Obviously the dog does not know the "heel" command. Here is how to teach it. Once you get out to the sidewalk put the dog in a sit/stay. Give the dog the heel command and start walking as soon as the dog reaches the end of the leash and starts to pull, turn around and walk in the opposite direction while giving the heel command. Do this every time the dog pulls on the leash and when it learns not to pull then do it every time the dog gets ahead and breaks the heel command. This is an easy command to teach and the dumbest dog should be getting it after about 30 minutes of work. A few remedial training session in the next few days and the dog should be reliable on leash. Then you can train off leash.
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    50 years of owning, raising and training dogs.

  12. The best thing to use to teach a dog to walk who is a huge puller is a gentle leader or head halter (haltie) that is similar to a halter used on horses.

    To understand why a halter is a superior way of connecting your dog to a leash, consider a nautical analogy. Take a powerful motor boat and tie a stout rope to the tip of the bow. Now secure the other end of the rope to a dock. Tell the driver to give the boat full throttle and try to pull away from the dock. As the boat bucks and tugs against the rope, the forward movement is redirected. The harder the boat pushes against the rope, the more the stern wants to swing, left or right. All of the power of the engines is redirected.

    When a dog wears a halter, this redirection prevents the dog from moving forward, unless you want him to. Instead of a sharp snap of a choke chain (i.e. a karate chop to the throat) to dissuade the dog from tugging, a gentle pull is all that is needed. For dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs, in public, the halter is the most efficient and safest way to give the owner control.
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  13. Sadie Jane is right. But, make sure the dog doesn’t walk in front you. You are the boss and the dog should follow you so don’t let the dog "edge" in front of you.

    Also, if the dog is really high energy, you may want to run or bike with the dog to burn off some energy first. Then he/she will be ready to settle down and listen to you.

    Good luck!
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  14. watch the show Dog Whisperer. you have to make the dog stay behind you to let it know youre the boss. when i was training my dog to walk i had to kind of pull him backwards. harnesses work great. and make sure you reward your dog when he/she walks well and obeys you.
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