How to make a dog walk nicely?

I have a Choc Lab 1 and the half yo (well-known for its strong neck and like to pull). I have tried few different methods of walking with him without pulling and sniffing the ground. However, when he is on leash, he just cant stop pulling. He is a sweet dog but not when I walk with him. I have tried/ followed that have been suggested from the website but..
I would appreciate if anyone could give me tips so I could walk him not he walking me :)

Call the dog whisperer clown.


  1. lol i love labs they are my ultimate favorite dog ever!

    and if you use a choker chain while walking it it should help i strongly suggest the book marley and me by john grogan its a magnificant book of a man his family and his true love his dog marley
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  2. I highly recommend getting a Gentle Leader for your dog. Unlike a prong or choke collar, it allows you great control of the dog’s head without punishing the dog or causing damage to the trachea. The Gentle Leader comes with an instructional DVD so that you can learn how to fit it correctly on to your dog. Be sure to get your dog used to putting it on and taking it off by using lots of yummy treats!
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  3. Many dogs do this. Here is how to stop it. Set your mind that you aren’t going to walk your dog until you get this corrected. This way you are clear what you are doing. You are setting him up to pull just a tiny bit. Then jerk the choke chain really quickly and firmly and let it go immediately. Done correctly he will stop walking when you do this as this is upsetting to him. So he won’t be pulling. Then start out walking again and the instant that he pulls. Jerk really quickly and make the chain so that it makes the most noise that you can. Release immediately if he stops pulling. Do not ever leave a choke chain on a dog unattended. It can get caught and the dog could hang himself. So remove the collar after training is over. Keep doing this until he realizes that any pulling will be met with a firm, loud jerk. He won’t get his walk either. You two just keep at it until he learns to walk without pulling. Don’t allow any one session to end on a sour note. As soon as he seems to understand at all, praise him really big and stop the lesson. But absolutely no walking at all until he learns how to do it. Then he will really start to want to figure out how to have his walk. I still use this method with just a regular collar now that my dog walks well 99% of the time. But as soon as he pulls, JERK. Then he quits all together. Good luck.
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  4. When my aunt and I obedience trained he show dogs i remember her always having them on her left side. The loop in her right hand and her left a little farther down on the leash. She would also use a choker collar. I understand alot of people think that is cruel, but while walking a dog it is very helpful to get them to stop pulling. Before you put it on make sure it is not backwards. When hanging off your finger it should look like the letter P. We only used them when walking the dogs outside until they learned what heel meant. Tell your dog to heel and gently tug on the leash until he is next to you. If it helps make him sit when he gets pulling too hard.

    We had a mastiff that the only way you could control him was with one of the chokers with the dull hooks on it.
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  5. I’ve had the same experience with my pug and while it is a smaller dog, i think this might still help you. During the early stages I used a harness to prevent the dog from harming its neck or damaging its esophagus. A harness can be very helpful since you may have to tug at the leash a little to distract your dog whenever it tries to over power your walk session with it.

    As time goes by you will notice some changes (trust me this works, I have a pug and they’re usually pretty stubborn), some of the initial changes you’ll notice is your ability to control the dog more often and that it will become more responsive whenever you want to distract it from going in the direction it wants. Distraction is "KEY" here and you might want to do something like the snapping of your fingers which has worked really well for me. You can try whistling or anything else that is more convenient for you.

    I have come to learn (slowly) that the reason most dogs will sometimes be difficult to handle when walking them is that they are generally excited when you first take them out for walks. The more you walk them and surround them around other people in parks or just in neighborhood the more common these settings will become for your dog, and the more quickly your dog will develop a routine of behavior patterns.

    Once you begin to see more improvements you may want to switch its collar to a regular neck collar if you’d like and really put your practice to the test. My pug used to tug a lot, and now her neck collar is pretty loose and i sometimes find myself just barely holding the leash. This is a great sign because it tells me that my dog is always aware of my directing where she walks and that I am in control of where we go next.

    Just remember, this takes practice and consistency. Dogs will learn pretty much anything you teach them through repetitive actions and are very intelligent, you just have to keep at it. I hope this helps you.
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  6. Two words: Gentle leader. I have 2 Siberian Huskies and got tired of my arm feeling like it was being pulled out of the socket every time my husband and I walked our dogs. We got gentle leaders (we got ours at PetSmart – I’m assuming you can get them at most any pet store) for both of our dogs – end of problem. Best of luck to you and your dog!
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  7. .The Dog Whisper is on the national geographic channel several times a week. He is awesome. We have used some of his technics and they WORK. He has a website and I think you can buy videos there also. Good Luck to you.
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