How can I walk my dog without it barking at every dog that comes by?

I never took it for walks during it’s socialization period (it just turned 1 yesterday) and now it barks at everyone and dogs I walk by. I can never let it get near other dogs I walk by without it getting aggressive so it’s likely that it will never be socialable towards strangers or other dogs if I keep doing what I am doing. It will sometimes become aggressive towards other humans too especially when we have guests over. I have considered dog classes, but I’m scared that they won’t accept it. Is there anything I could do or is it too late?
My dog jumps around crazy when she sees other dogs. Also, she’s okay making contact with dogs that she sees once a while (she’s ok with her mother and sister). I’m not sure if shes’s just over excited or if it’s really her fear that is causing it because I don’t want to restrict her from socializing with other dogs and at the same time I don’t want her to scare the owners.

Join the yahoo groups shy-k9s and agbeh. They both have a lot of information about remedial socialization, and trust me, if you do it right your dog will be much happier.


  1. thats pretty close to impossible:
    unless you use a muzzle. or a shock collar.
    which arent very humane…so id just get used to it
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  2. Could get a muzzle and use that on walks. Otherwise when you take him on walks, and he barks you yell at him to stop and when he does stop give him a treat. If he barks again, yell at him to stop, then give him a treat and he should get the idea, that when you tell him to stop, he should stop.
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  3. #1: teach the dog you are Alpha Pack Leader
    #2: call the dog training school and ASK them after explaining your problem. If they’re uncomfortable with it, ask them to refer you to a school that CAN help you train your dog.
    #3: do an online search for dog training and see if you can get some training videos
    #4: look to see if there’s a dog behaviorist in your area.
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  4. it is simple.
    first you must go out the door first or else the dog feels like it has all of the control you must say i am the pack leader CONSTANTLY!!! If hte dog still continues to bark gat a shock collar cruel but lesson teaching.
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  5. Teach the dog the word "NO". So simple a caveman can do it and I mean no bad-will towards cavemen!
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  6. Your dog is not too old to socialise. Pluck up the courage to take it to a professionally run dog training club, where it can learn canine etiquette and you can learn how to communicate with it and handle it.

    The dog is exhibiting classic behaviour patterns of an adolescent animal and needs to learn its place in the "pack". If you do nothing the problem will only get worse until the poor dog bites someone and then it will pay the price for your failure.

    You can turn this dog around if you are prepared to try.

    All the best,
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    Professional dog trainer and behaviourist.
    Dog owner and breeder for 30 years.

  7. Keep walking it & allowing it to be social with other dog owners first. Make sure you have good control, I’ve had great success with pinch collars. If used correctly, they act as if you are biting them like a momma dog would to correct her young. The collars should only be used when training & walking not to tie the dog out or in place of a collar. The dog is not too old to be trained so keep working on it. You might also try using a squirt bottle when it gets mouthy (it’s an easier way to discipline). Hope some of these ideas help.
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  8. Nah you’re not completely doomed just yet. ::LOL:: There is always hope when it comes to your puppies! :p To stop the barking you could try one of those collars to reduce their barking, and just keep taking him out, don’t let him harm anyone but have him around other people and dogs, eventually he will see that they won’t hurt him.
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