Blue’s Story

Blue at our Peak district cottages

Me in the Discovery

Unfortunately Blue passed away in September 2015. He is still missed.

Hi I am Blue. I am the cute one. Unlike my lazy brother I am always ready for anything – a trip in the car, a walk in the rain, shovelling snow – I can help. Trips in the car with my master are my favourite especially when he leaves me in charge (one day he might let me drive).

Its great fun here at our cottages (click here). What with 25 acres of our own grounds to roam in and all the fields out the back and the woods to explore we are never at a loose end. The cows are a bit of a problem in summer as they do tend to bully me. This year I sorted them out by making sure there was a fence between us – they are too stupid to realise the fence could be pushed over. During the winter we have sheep. Now this could be fun but I know that we would be in serious trouble if we tried our collie skills on them, so we leave them alone. Besides they look a bit roughy toughy to me.

I don’t know what it is but I am always getting into trouble. I try my best but I just seem to have this knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe if I was like Smudge, asleep most of the time, I wouldn’t get into so much trouble. And it is not usually my fault. If a mole will build its home on our lawn surely it is my job to try and get rid of it. If someone is playing with a ball on OUR lawn then surely I have a right to it.