Yippee Another Walk – Blue

Blue on Taddington Moor

Me on Taddington Moor -

Things are looking up. We went for another walk today.  This time from Flagg to Taddington and back.  We managed to get away fairly early from our Peak district cottages so arrived in Flagg in time for morning coffee at the tea room where we all sat outside in the sun and we met a couple of friends [Flagg is a village a couple of miles from us that hosts the last open country Post to Post  race meeting left in the country].

After coffee it was off up the lane and then across open fields where we were let off our leads.  Again lunch was a total washout – not even a crust.  But we did have fun chasing about the fields.  There were two very worrying incidents though.  The first was when we came across some very scary sheep.  Master was not very happy when I decided it was safer on the other side of the wall.  But luckily we got past them safely.  The next BIG problem was the cows in the last field we had to go through.  Now I am not a timid dog but these things are BIG.  Anyway I took one look at them and decided I would be better off the other side of the wall.  Unfortunately this happened to be someones garden.  How was I supposed to know?  Master was furious and not very sympathetic.  I had to come back and he then put me on my lead and led me around the perimeter of the field and let me nip over the wall as soon as we came to the road.  They are very Big things cows.

Apart from these two incidents it was a very enjoyable walk.

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