Work in Buxton – Blue

Blue caught napping near or pet friendly cottages

‘Caught Napping’!

I have been helping out at our house in Buxton most of the week, so haven’t seen much of Mistress or Smudge at our (click here). We are getting on quite well although of course things do keep going wrong that I have to sort out. They are still talking about putting a gate between the drive and road. Why? How am I (or any other dog) supposed to wander off  if there is a gate in the way. OK, in my youth I could have jumped it without problem but these days its getting a bit harder. Master just won’t listen and is currently taking no notice of my suggestions regarding the gate. I even tried the cheaper  without a gate ploy (play to his Yorkshire meanness) but nothing.

blue in Buxton

A bit further to the right please.

The inside is now all but finished. Master is just putting a few final things on the walls (towel rails etc). I have found a few cosy spots to settle down in although I keep getting chased out of the bedrooms. Well if  they don’t have a bed, how am I supposed to know and how can they be bedrooms if there is no bed in them? I can’t remember any rule that says I can’t go in rooms that don’t have beds. But then the rules around here are constantly changing. I have a job keeping up, so tend to ignore most of them until there is the dreaded “BLUE” cry from master.

Smudge and Mistress came over on Tuesday to see how we were doing. I think they were impressed. I hope so. I have done a lot of work (unlike Smudge). What with supervising, checking all the garden for dog suitability, checking the house for cosiness etc. Its a never ending job. I even have to clear up all the leftovers at lunch time. Without Smudge around that can be quite a big  job.

Even when we get back to our cottages there is always something to do. Today it was helping master with getting in the logs and clearing the creeper off the front of the house. No rest for a helpful dog.

Blue being helpful at our peak district cottages

Helpful as always.

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