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Blue at our peak district cottages


OK so I am limping a bit. That doesn’t mean to say I am an invalid. I can still chase swallows, rabbits, or that damn wagtail in our  courtyard. OK so maybe  I  ‘over do it’ a bit on occasions but that is not an excuse to keep me on a lead all the time and not let me out to explore on my own. I have not had a good week. Every time I go out I have to go out on a lead. On the few occasions I have convinced master or mistress that I will be good and they have let me off its all ‘Blue do this’, ‘Blue come here’, ‘Blue …..’ . Its just not fair. Smudge is allowed out unsupervised why not me. OK I may have put on the limping a bit too much but I am a lot better now.

Blue near our peak district cottages

OK Its a Orchid - who cares.

Anyway we went on a long awaited walk on Sunday. As usual on May Bank Holiday Sunday we walked up Deep Dale (near Sheldon a couple of miles from our cottages (click here)) to see the Orchids. We had been looking forward to a nice long walk for ages. The sandwiches were prepared, the walking books readied and off we went. All started as normal. We were on our leads in the car park as usual but then things went horribly wrong. We expected to be let off our leads as soon as we reached open ground. But oh no we were on our leads ALL day. Now there has to be some law against that. How can you go for a decent walk on a lead. I even had the indignity of being HELPED over styles. Come on I am a collie I can jump over styles in my sleep. Mistress explained that it was for my own benefit so I didn’t hurt my leg. I think Smudge would have killed me if he had had the chance. He was not very happy especially as he was with mistress.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lunch Time

At least I was with master and we could walk at a bit of a pace. Poor old Smudge had to plod along with mistress stopping every now and then to admire views, Orchids etc. We had a pleasant lunch overlooking Deep Dale and then over the fields and back home. As we had left the car in the car park at the bottom of the dale we had to go back to pick it up. For some reason this had to be via Sheldon where we had to stop at the village hall where they were doing ‘Afternoon teas’. Surprise surprise!

I think my leg is getting better. I haven’t limped for a while now so hopefully it is better. I hope so. Much more of this lead thing and I am going to go mad.


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