What a pain – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me checking Master's latest toy.

Well I have seen everything now at our Peak District cottages. Guess what idiot brother has done now? He managed to lock us in the kitchen. Not once but twice. The idiot was pawing the door (he does that to try and wake master in a morning) and his paw pressed down on the door stop. When master came down in the morning the door just wouldn’t open. Whatever master tried it just wouldn’t budge. Help! How am I going to get fed was my immediate worry. Idiot brother just sat there. I’ll kill him!

Luckily master remembered that he had a spare key to the back door, in his pocket, so he had to walk all the way round the house and  come into the kitchen via the back door. He was not very happy. Idiot brother just wagged his tail. THROW him out! LEAVE HIM in a kennel! Anything but just don’t leave him with me. Anyhow at least master knew who the culprit was and didn’t yell at me.

Then blow me down. Idiot brother did exactly the same the next morning. Master has now taken the door stop off.


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