We never see Smudge – Blue

Checking Progress

Checking Progress

Mozart is back. Which means his owner is back at Bolehill Cottages. Which means we never see Smudge. Every morning, for the past few days, as soon as he can, he is outside and up to Sheepfold. He then sits for hours in the hope that Mozart’s mistress comes out and feeds him. No wonder he is so fat. Mistress keeps calling him in but he just ignores her. Though, I did notice he came back when master yelled at him (master is a bit more scary than mistress).

It was very funny when he came back from the Vets (it was strange to have the house to myself for the day). He wasn’t all ‘with it’. Well to tell the truth Smudge is not always with us at the best of times but in this particular instance he was miles away. I even managed to nick some food out of is bowl without getting my head bitten off. A very rare occurrence. He was a bit wobbly on his legs as well which looked funny. Unfortunately all this only lasted for the evening and he was more or less back to normal (for Smudge) the next  day.

Supervising the cleaning

Supervising the cleaning

What have I been up to? Well I have supervised the washing of two cars. Mistress and Master seem to have an allergy against washing cars. Its about a once in a year event which I don’t mind as it means the cars stays suitable for us dogs for most of the year. Once they are cleaned it is “don’t go on there” etc. They usually give up after the first few days but it is a bit of a pain for me as my rightful seat is in the front with master not in the back with Smudge. Its all about getting them trained as quickly as possible.

I had to help master carry out the last bit of work at our Buxton House which is now complete so I don’t suppose I will be needed over there for the time being.

There is a general air of frantic activity as we all gear up for being busy again. Master is working with the Electrician to upgrade the electrics and mistress is busy washing curtains etc and tidying up behind master. Now the spring seem to be round the corner we seem to be allowed outside more often so I take to sunning myself in the courtyard (not yesterday it was horrible).

Me having a 'cat' nap

Me having a ‘cat’ nap


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