We had to take him to the VETS – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages


He is at it again! Now he is getting a load of fuss (and possibly more food than me) because he has an eye infection. Who cares? We even had to take him to the vet. Why I am not sure. It didn’t look that bad to me. It didn’t slow him down or stop him barking. I think it was because mistress was a bit worried. She never  worries about my hunger pains so why worry about idiot brothers eye. Anyhow the vet has said he will live and given mistress some drops to put in his eye (that should be fun to watch). By all accounts he was well behaved at the vets which is a bit surprising as he rarely is anywhere else. I think mistress is relieved his eye is getting better. I bet the problem was that he had stuck his head into somewhere he shouldn’t at our peak district cottages. Serves him right. Rather than spending money at the vets it could have been spent on some much needed food for me.

On Tuesday Mistress was going over to Buxton to help master do some cleaning. Idiot brother was already a bit annoyed at not been taken to Buxton by master so he bided his time and then when mistress was distracted he rushed through her legs and into the car. I thought we were going somewhere interesting (no one ever tells me anything) so I tagged along.

Smudge in Buxton near our pet friendly holiday cotages

Looks easy enough to me

Mistress tried all sorts to get him out of the car and in the end gave up and decided to take him (and me) with her. I then realised we were going on a car journey but it was too late to escape. At least when we were in Buxton we were taken for a walk down town and lunch (well master took mistress for lunch and we were dragged along). It was quite pleasant sitting in the sun watching the world go by while they had lunch. In the afternoon we were left at the house with master while mistress went off shopping. It was a lovely day so we sat out in the ‘garden’ watching all the activity.  Master doesn’t seem to have got very far since the last time I was there. Its probably all the ‘help’ idiot brother has been giving him.

Smudge near out peak district cottages


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