we are thinking of getting a medium sized dog but i have a few worries?

we already have a cat and need a dog that will be friendly and can become part of a family. We have a house with garden but will walk the dog whenever neccesary. Also what do we do with the dog when going on holiday? do you know any breeds that are good family pets and are medium sized? thnx

Go for a Rough Collie (lassie dog) there so laid back and will get on with the cat, and there a great family dog.When you go on holiday,find a nice kennels to look after it while your away.


  1. Go for a Rough Collie (lassie dog) there so laid back and will get on with the cat, and there a great family dog.When you go on holiday,find a nice kennels to look after it while your away.
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  2. tibetan terriers are nice dogs and not really a true terrier look it up in google or i guess a lab or boxer whatever u like really!!
    and try to get friends to look after it when u go away kennels are not very nice believe me i have worked in lots of them!!
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  3. why do you need a dog? cats are freethinkers. and are very able to care for themselves without humans. dogs need more care. if your first concern is what can we do with this animal while we are on holiday. then you should not get one. dogs are not toys to be shut up when you dont need them.
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  4. if you get a puppy ,and look after it and not mistreat it, love it and it will grow up,friendly and loving ,if you insure your dog, some pet insurances cover you for kennels where you can put your dog while away ,i do with mine, type of dog !! it has to be a collie ,intelligent,faithfull, and loving ,do this and it will be your best friend.
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  5. If you get the dog from pup it should grow up and be used to the cat. We have a rottweiler and our cat is still in charge!

    A small yellow labrador would make a great family pet and aren’t too big but large enough for family rough and tumble with a gentle nature.

    If your going away on hols try and get a friend to look after the pets but if you can’t leave them in kennels. Do the research though – check out a few places and go and visit them or maybe ask your vet to recommend some. The kennels we leave our pets with were purpose built (even have underfloor heating!) so there are decent ones out there, and they don’t mind you coming to see them first.

    Good luck!
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  6. I would think that if you get a puppy it will settle well with the cat…You have till 16 weeks to introduce them to people, dogs, cats etc. After that they can be set in their ways. For holidays animals can be placed in a kennels but check it out before booking your dog in….make sure all dogs before admittance have had all the inoculations including kennel cough including yours. Puppies can be hard work but it is more than worth it as not only you but your family will have a protector for life and they give unconditional love…..But you will need to train the little pup and this can take a lot of effort and time but you really must if your going to really enjoy your dog when fully grown. As to breed I like the mixed breeds as I think sometimes pedigrees can be a little headstrong but it just depends on the type of dog you like…..I personally can’t stand small yappy dogs so are a mix between a retriever/staffie. The most outstanding dog i have had was a German shepherd excellent with children and very loving and I swear that he knew everything before we said it. Again this comes down to the training and the effort that you put into the dog when young…….
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  7. any dog you get as a puppy can be socialised to accept other animals. a medium sized dogs. i would go with a spaniel or a shaeepdog because these are very loveable dogs and are good for a family. buy you have to remember, medium sized dogs were bred to be working dogs, so they’ll need LOTS of excersise and attention. check out this website since it tells you quite a bit about medium sized dogs. http://www.royalcanin.co.uk/retailers/dog_size_health_nutrition/medium_-_medium_breed_dogs.aspx
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  8. Cocker spaniels are a good medium sized dog. But I would say that as I’ve had Cocker spaniels for the past 18yrs. I lost last my last one back in June and vowed that I would never have another dog and go though all the heartache of losing them. The house is so lonely without a dog, so there’s another one coming the end of September.
    As for what to do with a dog when you go away, the are boarding kennels, house sitters or friends and family. I always opt for friends and family. I don’t like boarding kennels due to the fact the dog doesn’t get as much love and attention as they would at home and can become stressed. Plus there’s the flea issue.
    Get a cocker, you won’t be disappointed I guarantee.
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  9. kennels and breeders both have bad reputations for a reason. fatalities. if you use a kennel ask around what other kennel users – dog owners have used and what condition they recieved there dog in.

    personaly the two best solutions are either use family or make a deal with another dog owner – look after their dog when they are on holiday – vice versa.

    if you get a pup and already have a cat you shouldn’t have any problems. the cats the boss.
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  10. Please do NOT think buying a puppy is the only option for the simple reason you can meet so many beautiful, intelligent, loyal and friendly dogs from a rescue! You will find that dogs from rescues are usually not keen to be rehomed with other animals but you never know!
    Please do a little homeless pooch a very huge massive favour and adopt them!
    Workers at the rescue will be there for any questions or queries you may have about adopting a dog.
    A dog should be walked at the most, three times a day, morning, noon and night and have access to a fairly large garden if you’re thinking of getting a medium sized dog. I would strongly advise doing great research at rescues, vets and pet centres first about whether they’d know any suitable boarding kennels near you for when you go on holiday.
    If you do want a puppy, same applies to what I said above, ask around if there are any breeders near you who are professional and genuine!
    Dogs like terriers are probably either a great idea or a terrible idea with cats. They have the genes in them to hunt small furry things that move fast. A dog like a Collie would be ideal but as a puppy, you have a lot of work on your hands and they need tons of exercise and won’t like to be in a kennel with nothing to do all day. A lab, probably the same but they are big dogs and a little clumsy. My advise would be a Spaniel of some sort.
    Obviously, please remember that there are hundreds of amazing dogs in rescues all around where you live, give them a chance first!
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  11. Its a bit of a hit and miss thing with cats and dogs. no breed is cat friendly, esp the little ones.

    As for when you go on holiday, either take her with you if it in uk and find a pet friendly hotel / caravan park / camp site. or make sure she has all her jabs up to date and put her in a boarding kennel. Or you culd ask a friend, family member or neighbour to have her or stay at yours with her while you are away
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  12. cocker spaniels..shetland sheepdogs..whippet…springer(altho they can be aggressive sometimes) red setter..english setter..petit basset griffon vendeen…basset hound..rough collie..beagle..poodle…golden retreiver..nova scotia duck tolling retreiver….field spaniel..pointer…belgian shepherd(easier than german shepherd)..boxer..

    or you could go to a rescue centre where they can match you up with the perfect dog for you..

    in regards to holidays..if you have a friend or relative who can look after your dog that will save on kennel expenses..but the best thing to do is put it in a kennels that is well spoken of among other doggie people. The other option is of course to book holidays which you can take your canine friend along with you…thats what we do anyway!
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  13. Have a look at your local rescue, mixed breeds are just as good as pedigrees in fact they are generally healthier and live longer due to pedigrees often having health problems due to in-breeding. I find Collie types like my x Border Collie excellant with other animals…..mine rolls around on the floor with my ferrets but also my x terrier type is just as good due to the fact she has been brought up to be around other animals.
    As far as holidays are concerned the best option is family or friends as its less stressfull for the dog and yourself for them to be with someone they know but if you need to leave them in kennels you should visit several potential boarding kennels before-hand and thoroughly vet them to make sure your dog will be in the best hands.
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  14. Boxers are great adapters with any animals. Mine is good with cats as well as our exotic birds. Get a puppy and raise it yourself, teaching it the way YOU live. Alot of people overlook this breed because of closeness to bulldogs, but I will always love my boxer. They are excellent with children also.
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