Walk along Curbar Edge – Blue

Blue at Curbar Edge near our peak district cottages

Me on Curbar Edge

A great day today. We went for a walk along Curbar edge (Master says it is about 5 miles from our cottages (click here)).  Its the first walk we have had since Boxing day.  The good news was that we were allowed  off our leads for most of the walk.  The bad news was that there wasn’t much to chase.  We met a few friends on the way and I was especially shocked that I managed to scare a big Alsatian. Soppy Dog.  Anyhow it was great fun, especially watching mistress clamber down the edge.  We tried to help but she didn’t seem too appreciative.  We (or more precisely Smudge) love lunch times as master and mistress always have a packed lunch and if we are good we get bits.  Smudge of course would have the entire sandwich if given a chance.  I wonder if it is possible for a dog to sit nearer to someone than Smudge does. He never gets more than me so why he tries I don’t know.

As we got lower down it got a bit muddy and Smudge got filthy (as usual).  I don’t know what it is with him but mud just seems to find him.

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