Very Confusing – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking a bit wind swept

This week its all been a bit confusing here at our cottages (click here) . We have had another Collie friend staying that is called ‘BLUE’.  One collie called ‘Blue’ I can just about cope with.  But two!!!  Idiot brother didn’t seem too concerned about it, but I got very confused.  He seemed more interested in the children we have staying this week.  They seem to like him and have been calling at the door for him. Don’t ask me why they should like such an idiot.  He doesn’t look as cute as me and he certainly isn’t as handsome. But that’s kids for you.

I am still getting on well with the builders although we now only have one who is doing the main work.  He isn’t quite as generous  with his lunch as the previous ones but I am still hopeful.  We now have the footings in and the first layer of blocks built.  I did try and  get rid of idiot brother into the footings but there always seemed to be someone around.  I am sure they would never have found him especially once the cement had set. Never mind I am sure there will be another opportunity.

The footings going in at our pet friendly holiday cottages

there was always some one watching -

I had another of  ‘those’ trips down town with mistress this morning which meant going in the CAR.  Town was busy which was great as there were more dogs to talk to and people to pat me.  At one point and for one horrible moment I thought we were going to the vets but luckily mistress was going to the wine shop that is next door. So that was a relief.

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  1. Blue is very excited to be mentioned in Smudge’s blog, I just hope the fame doesn’t go to his head!

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