Two walks in one week – Blue

blue in the goyte valley

Me in the Goyt valley

After weeks of being cooped up inside at Bolehill Cottages  with mistress grumbling about the snow etc we at long last got taken out for a walk. Sunday was a glorious day so it was agreed that we would go for a walk  in the Goyt Valley. It takes about 30 minutes from Bolehill to get there which made Smudge a bit grumpy but I enjoyed it. Once out of the car we were let off our leads almost immediately and we went off exploring. Mistress plodded along slowly as usual. It was a relatively simple walk although mistress did get us lost a couple of times. Master sorted it out with his Sat Nav thing – at least something knows where we are supposed to be going. As no one ever tells us where we are supposed to be going we can’t get the blame for getting lost. We stopped for lunch overlooking one of the reservoirs and Smudge did his usual thing of sitting almost on mistresses lap hoping for some scraps. I can’t be bothered. Now I do have one complaint. Why does master always make at least one Marmite sandwich? And why does he always eat it last?  The problem being that the last sandwich is the most likely one we will get a bit of. I don’t like MARMITE. Why couldn’t I get a bit of the other sandwich? Smudge of course just wolfs it down without even realising what he is eating.

blue in the goyt valley

Ok I want a pair of boots

Another problem we had (and this was serious) was when we got to one gate there was a puddle bigger than anything I could jump across. Master waded through it and then called me over. Well it is OK for him, he has boots on. I don’t and would get my paws wet. You can see from the picture that I am not exaggerating this was a BIG puddle. In the end I had to cross it or I new exactly what would happen. Master would come over and put my lead on and just drag me through the puddle and that is very very bad news. So I gritted my teeth and went for it. Thanks for that! I was soaked for the rest of the walk. Of course when we got back we had to go through the hosepipe wash down – OUTSIDE. The water was freezing. What was wrong with our en-suite. I thought that is what we had it for. But oh no we had to be washed in the freezing cold.

Our second walk was not really a walk. We don’t classify walks with leads on as a proper walk. I suppose it is better than nothing but its just not the same. I think the only reason we got a walk at all is because mistress felt guilty at leaving us in the car for hours and hours (well at least a couple of hours). Mistress had been taken for her annual visit to Hopton Hall to see the Snowdrops. As usual we had to stay in the car as for some reason they don’t allow dogs around the gardens. It wouldn’t have been too bad but of course once they had been round the garden mistress then wanted to stop for some lunch. So all in all we were left waiting in the car. Now it isn’t too bad for Smudge. Although we are supposed to take it in turn to be ‘security dog’ I have noticed that when he is on duty he just falls asleep. So being a responsible dog I stay on guard all the time – just in case.

blkue at carsington water

Me over looking Carsington water

Anyhow after mistress returned we went down the road to Carsington water where we were taken for a walk round the reservoir ON OUR LEADS. No fun. There is a constant stream of – ‘come on blue’, ‘no stopping’, ‘no pulling’, ‘heal’ (whatever that means) etc. It just is no fun. We walked to the far side of the damn and back which mistress thinks was a couple of miles). As it was sunny mistress decided that it was permissible for her to have an Ice-cream. Her first of the year. When we got back home we were a bit gritty from the paths we had been on and expected to be hosed down but I think master forgot. This wasn’t good as about an hour later he announced that instead of a hose down (which is bad) he would comb out the dried grit. This sounded bad and it was. Its OK if you are a short haired dog but us long haired dogs suffer when our coats get a bit matted and someone decides to comb us and master is not the most gentle person with a comb.

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