Two Walks – Blue

Blue on stepping stones near our pet friendly cottages

Me on the Stepping Stones -

Its unheard of. We actually got two nice long walks this week.  Smudge wasn’t too impressed as it cut down on his duvet time at our cottages (click here),  but I thought it was great.  Why can’t we do it more often?  Luckily my bad paw seems to be better.  Not sure what I did but it did hurt for a while. Not that I got any sympathy from anyone.

Why did we get two walks? Well our mistress and master’s friends were here for a few days. You know the ones that are allergic to us (i.e. we get confined to our room in an evening rather than our rightful place in the lounge). So we all went out for a couple of days walking.  The first day was over at Hathersage. We first walked along the river where I was ‘forced’ to sit and pose for my blog photo in the middle of the river.  I know there were stepping stones but even still I could have fallen in – horribly wet things rivers.  After this ordeal we then went up through Bamford over the top and back to Hathersage. All in all a very pleasant walk.

Sheep near our pet friendly cottages

4 legs good - 2 legs better

The second day we went to Ilam and walked down the Manifold River and then up over the high ground and across to Dovedale.  It was all a bit hot and the climb up from the Manifold seemed to take everyone ages – especially mistress.  She looked worn out by the time she got to the top.  There was the odd scary encounter with cows and those pesky sheep but once in the Dovedale it was safe again.  Master kept complaining about how busy it was in the dale but we enjoyed it as we kept getting petted by passers by.

As usual, when there are friends round, we get abandoned for the evening while ‘THEY’  go out for dinner.  Why can’t we go? At least we could help with the plate clearing.

One good thing.  I didn’t get invited to help with getting the cows in for the farm opposite.  Smudge was off like a shot (which is unusual for him). Why he enjoys helping with the cows is beyond me.

Dove Dale - near our pet friendly peak district cottages cottages

Dove Dale

Dove Dale - near our pet friendly cottages

Dove Dale

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