Trouble with Cows – Blue

Blue on a wall near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me Checking for Cows -

It was a reasonably nice day at our cottages (click here) so it was decided we would all take a break and go for a walk.  Off we went, with Smudge doing his normal ‘I am not happy being in the car’ , over to the upper end of the Dove Valley (10 mins from our cottages).  We parked up and off we went. The first half of the walk was great as we were off our leads for most of the time .  Even the stop for lunch was better than normal as we managed to get a few tit-bits from Mistress (nothing from Master).

Upper dove valley near Longnor

Upper Dove Valley -

It all went a bit wrong as we were heading off downhill after lunch.  I noticed we were about to go through a bunch of very tough looking cows (a few even had horns).  So I jumped over the wall to get out of the way. BIG mistake. I jumped straight into the middle of another bunch of cows that didn’t seem particularly happy to see me. So back I jumped again.  I then decided that if I stick very closely to master they might not get me.  Anyway in the end we go through them and everything was fine for a few more fields.  The next lot we came to looked even bigger and more menacing than the last lot so I decided I wasn’t going to risk it.  Mistress  etc all disappeared across the field as I popped over a bridge and started to follow them on the other side of the river (no cows – brilliant).  Then I realised that I couldn’t get back to the others as there was a river in the way (I am not really a water dog so I wasn’t going to swim).  I got very confused.  Master had to walk back to the bridge and call me. I was then unceremoniously put on my lead and lead through the cows.  Luckily by hiding behind master they didn’t see me.  The rest of the walk was fine.  Amazingly mistress didn’t have an afternoon tea when we got back to Longnor which must be the first time we have been there and not been to the tea room.

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