The white stuff again – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly peak district cottages

The White Stuff -

Its been snowing again at our cottages (click here) and mistress is not very happy. Master is fine in the snow other than grumbling about having to clear it and grumbling at me for trying to help. But mistress just hates it. She walks around as if she is about to fall over all the time. I suppose it is a bit more difficult to walk properly on two legs. Far more sensible to have four like us. Anyhow after I helped master to clear the snow from the cottage entrances and from the bottom of the drive we all went off to collect the papers (even Smudge). As it was such a nice sunny day and town looked quite picturesque it was decided we would all go for a walk round town. This could be fun I thought. But oh no we had to be on our leads. Why? There were hardly any cars about and all of those were going slowly. So off we went at a very very slow pace to let mistress keep up. Luckily I got master so it wasn’t too bad.  Town was very pretty with all the snow. After we got back to the car, master offered to buy mistress a coffee at Chatsworth so we could see Chatsworth in the snow.

Bakewell near our pet welcome cottages

Bakewell in the Snow

Lots of people were out sledging on the slopes surrounding Chatsworth and we sat and watched them for a time whilst they went off to photo the little village of Edensor. Then we (or they) popped into the Chatsworth Farm Shop restaurant for coffee. As usual mistress ended up paying for the coffee but its the thought that counts. After Chatsworth we had a drive around a few of the little villages and lanes.  Thank goodness we were in the 4×4 or we would have got stuck a number of times and I for one am not pushing (or pulling) master’s car out of a ditch.  In the end after a long drive round we got back home and we were aloud to relax in front of  a nice warm fire (much to smudge’s relief).

Bakewell church near Bolehill Farm cottages

Bakewell Church in the Snow

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