The VETS – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Go away I am not well

I am not sure when it happened. It could have been when we chased one of those pesky balloons away from ourcottages (click here) or it could have been when I followed idiot brother over the fence to see if there were any crows worth chasing. I just don’t remember but all of a sudden I found I had a pain in my paw.  I had broken a nail. Now Ok that doesn’t sound like much. Mistress does it all the time and makes a great fuss about it but a dogs nail is more important and it hurt. Anyway I limped a bit till I realised if I didn’t watch out I might get taken to the VET.  So I went in doors and found a suitable warm spot. The problem was that it really did hurt so I had to keep licking it. Unfortunately thanks to idiot brother’s over licking a few months ago master looks out for this sort of thing and I got caught. The spots of blood on the floor didn’t help either. Before I could think about where to hide I was in the CAR. We got to the VET’s where two very nice ladies behind the desk made a fuss of me before we went in to see the vet. Master wasn’t much help as he kept telling me it was Ok because it ‘wasn’t going to hurt him’. Yes – well it wouldn’t would it. But what about me. The vet was very nice and cut back my broken nail without me feeling too much pain which means I can run about again without it hurting. I thought we had finished  and was looking out of the window to see if there was anything interesting happening when he jabbed a great big needle into me – my yearly booster. It was a bit uncalled for considering the mental stress I was already in. The only good thing is that idiot brother has to go next week, so I can keep reminding him.

Just before we left master asked a very sensible question – did I look a bit under weight?  Yes I am – I have been on a  starvation ration now for years. Maybe now was the time when I would start getting properly fed.  Well blow me down the vet said I was just about right. How can that be right? What does he know? Can’t he see a malnourished dog when he sees one? I am not going back there! To make matters worse I was stuck on the scales by the nice nurse and everyone sagely nodded and said yes I was about the correct weight.  NO I AM NOT. I am UNDERWEIGHT and need feeding more.

One good thing about  the vets, I got some special treats I am supposed to have twice a day. Idiot brother doesn’t get any which is making him a bit annoyed – good!

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