The Snow has gone again – Blue

Blue gets washed at our peak district cottages

A bad moment

Just when I was getting use to it, the snow has disappeared at our cottages (click here).  Its been replaced by soggy wet grass and boggy ground which means every time we go out we get washed down when we get back.  Its not fair.   Smudge is on his best behaviour at the moment as we overheard mistress and master talking about getting him some ‘doggy Prozac’ (put some life in him).  Smudge looked a bit worried (well more worried than normal).  I recon it might be a  good idea, as it might liven him up a bit and he could become  a bit more playful.  So I am voting for it.  I bet when master finds out how much it is he will refuse to pay for it though.  Maybe we can give Smudge something and tell him it’s Prozac – see what he does.

There is not a lot going on at the moment, all our friends  have left after the half term break.  I think a new friend arrived this afternoon but we haven’t been introduced yet.  I assume he (Smokey the greyhound) is going to be more fun than playing with Smudge (roll on the Prozac).

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