Stung by Wasps – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly peak district cottages

Me feeling a bit sorry for myself

I have always wondered why I get yelled at when I try and catch those pesky black and yellow stripped flying things. Now I know! There I was minding my own business out for our evening constitutional around our cottages (click here) with Mistress when all of a sudden I felt a stinging feeling in my side. Ouch that hurt – I thought. Then another. Well that was it, I was off across the fields to try and get away from whatever I was that was attacking me. But it didn’t stop. I tried biting it but something was still stinging me. So I ran home and decided to cower in the office. At least by this time whatever it was had stopped hurting me but I felt terrible and my side was stinging in all sorts of places.

Pet friendly holiday cottages


Mistress found me in reception feeling very sorry for myself and was very concerned so called master. Neither could understand what was the problem with me until master noticed a wasp in my fur. It then dawned on them that I must have got near to a wasps nest and been attacked by wasps. Master got on the internet to find if there was anything they could do to help.  First he combed me to see if there were any more wasps in my fur. He found another of the little blighters. Then mistress made up a paste of baking soda and they dabbed it on the stings to help relieve the pain. Well I can tell you that whatever the interenet says it made no difference what so ever.  Slowly the stinging did get a bit better and I could at least relax a bit.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me back to normal

Master and mistress were going out to  craft exhibition preview in Buxton for the evening and had intended to  leave us at home but rather than leave us they took us to keep an eye on me.  Which was fine by me but Smudge grumbled.  There I was in pain and all Smudge could do was grumble that he didn’t want to go in the car.  Mistress enjoyed her craft fair but master did pop back to the car every 20-30 mins to check on me but by that time I was feeling a lot better.

This morning I can still feel a bit of stinging but I am raring to go. I am not going near that area of the field again though, even if master assures me he has killed the horrible things.


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