Spring is nearly here – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Spring at last!

As you can see, the snowdrops are out at our peak district cottages and the sun is shining. So I assume spring must be on its way.  I hope so. At long last we are allowed outside a bit more which means I can get rid of idiot brother and have some peace and quiet to doze in the sun while he runs off here and there being an ‘idiot’.

I was very pleased with myself yesterday as I managed to catch a mouse.

fileds at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Might be something edible!

Idiot brother thinks it must have been dead already for me to have caught it, but it wasn’t. I was in our back field when I suddenly spotted it. I slowly stalked it giving it my best Collie stare (which transfixes a cow at 20 paces – sometimes) and then pounced on it. Actually I think I was as shocked as it was. Usually I miss! Anyway we had a pleasant afternoon out in the sun helping mistress plant out some shrubs. Not sure why she bothers as they will probably be dead by next year but she seems happy. Master of course, as usual, was doing some more work on the house. One day he might finish.

smudge getting washed at our peak district cottages

Not sure about this new en-suite

I heard mistress talking about the cows coming back shortly. That will give idiot brother something to think about as he is scared stiff of them and hides behind the fence – at least we all know where he is. Me – I don’t mind them. They’re just big silly things that are fun to play with. Its the sheep that worry me.

We have a new friend that arrived for the week called Mozart. He is one of US (a Collie)! We are looking forward to playing with him and showing him our fields.

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