Spring is nearly here – Blue

Blue at our peak district holiday cottages

Me being good!

OK – I am still a bit in the ‘dog house’ for wandering off last week but I am trying to be good. I am not sure what came over me. There I was wandering around with mistress in our cottages (click here) fields and the next thing I know I am over at the Magpie mine. I was just getting a bit concerned when thankfully master turned up in the car to pick me up. He was not very happy so I kept a very low profile for the rest of the day and have been on my best behaviour since. I am hoping he will forget about it shortly.

We had an exciting day on Monday. I was taken up and down the fields in the  4×4 lots of times as master went to see how they were progressing with the tarmacking at the bottom of the drive. I think he is happy with what they have done. It looks OK to me. Of course the drive had to be closed for a number of hours, so master had to show people how to get to the road via the fields and we had to take the laundry to our neighbours for it to be collected.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Taking in the rays!

Master has started work clearing  the remaining twigs and leaves etc from the lawns and courtyard left over from winter so I have been helping where I can. He cut the lawn for the first time on Friday. I always enjoy the lawn being cut as I can chase the mower and catch the grass blowing out the back. Unfortunately this year master has stopped me doing that as he reckons I am getting too old for it and might hurt myself. Ha – He is a one to talk. OK! I am starting to feel a bit stiff after a long walk but there is still life in ‘the old dog’ yet.

We have had loads and loads of friends staying with us this week. Smudge is in heaven. Every morning he does a number of rounds of the cottages to see what has been left by other dogs. Master tries to get people to shoo him out but he is far too cunning to be noticed. He just slips in to cottages while people aren’t looking. Every now and then he gets caught but it doesn’t seen to deter him. Me. I am still on my best behaviour so stay well clear.

I keep hearing that dreaded word ‘COW’ being bandied about. I assume it isn’t going to be long before the damn things are back in our fields. Until then I am free to roam our fields in peace. I suppose once THEY are back I will have to hide in the courtyard and garden again. It is just not fair.

the front drive at our peak district cottages

The new drive entrance

pet friendly holiday cottages

The new drive entrance

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