Snow has all gone – Blue

blue in the snow at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Fun with mistress

Well at long last the snow has gone from our cottages (click here) and life has returned to normal.It was a bit snowy for a time but we managed, even if mistress is a bit wimpy. The worst time was when the sheep broke through the fence and invaded the courtyard. There was a huge invasion of them. Even Smudge beat a retreat to the back garden. I stayed behind a fence out of the way. I suppose I should have gone and got master to warn him but quite honestly my feet were ro0ted to the spot. Well the things have munched loads of mistresses bushes and a number of the conifers hiding the oil tank etc. Once master spotted what was going one he soon got rid of them. They had sneaked in over the wall, across the cattle grid (which was full of snow) and through OUR cattle grid bypass slot. I think I prefer cows to sheep. At least when I bark at cows they usually jump back, the sheep just ignore me. Anyhow they seem to have gone now. I think master said they have gone onto the fields of the farmer opposite. Well good riddance is all I can say. Not a minute too soon.

blue in the snow at our peak district cottages

Keeping an eye on the sheep

Master managed to get the 4×4 stuck in the snow. This was mainly because he didn’t have me with him to help. He had Smudge. How stupid is that. What does Smudge know about getting cars out of trouble? To be fair master had gone down the fields to talk to the sheep farmer. We had both gone with him but when I realise we were heading towards the sheep I decided it would be safer to go home. When master had finished he invited Smudge into the car for a lift back. That’s when he got stuck. Of course where I would have been able to help, Smudge was just useless. In the end someone gave master a tow and he got out .

Master and I popped over to the Buxton house to supervise the fitting of a new door. As you can see from the photo I had a bit of a shock but it did turn out OK in the end. We just need to finish of some plastering around the door and that is the house finished.

blue in buxton near or holiday cottages

I know I asked for a dog flap but ….

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