Snow and Lathkill Dale – Blue



Well at long last the snow seems to be slowly going at cottages (click here) and the spring weather returning. I have even managed a few hours in the courtyard sunning myself. However, I seemed to have spend most of the last week or so helping master to clear bits of snow. We still have a few piles left but nothing like we used to have. I thought it was quite fun but Smudge and master were getting a bit fed up of it.

There use to be a table here!

There used to be a table here!

At long last it was warm enough for us to be taken out for a walk. Well we were up for it weeks ago put master is a bit of a wimp and will only go out if it is reasonably warm. Mistress decided that we would do our Lathkill Dale walk so off across our fields we went. There was still a bit of snow in the wall bottoms and in some of the smaller ‘green’ lanes but in general it wasn’t too bad. The snow of course slowed mistress down to a snails pace so we had to wait for her but in general she kept up. There was a bit of a tricky bit at the beginning where we had to walk through a field with some nasty looking sheep. Now we have learned from previous years that at this time of the year sheep are a bit tetchy (they are not very friendly at the best of times) so I made a very wide berth of them. I tried to get into the next field just in case but mistress called me back.

Me on the bridge to the Bateman's House

Me on the bridge to the Bateman’s House

In Over Haddon we stopped for lunch at the Lathkil Hotel (a pub really) where we sat outside in the sun while master and mistress had a beer, sandwich and chips. All we got were a few of the cold chips. Then it was back home across the fields.




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