Snow and a Walk – Smudge

Smudge at chatsworth near our pet friendly holiday cottages


Its all been a bit snowy here at our cottages (click here). Although it was a bit snowy at the beginning of the week it was nothing we couldn’t handle. However, by the end of the week things were getting a bit more tricky. Its all right for humans they have long legs but once the snow drifts up to 1ft, which it does against the walls etc, we start having problems. Being collies we only have short legs. It wouldn’t be too bad if the crows and things all travelled over flat ground but they don’t. So we have to chase them over walls etc which inevitably means we have problems in the bigger snow drifts. Master is no help, he just stands there laughing.

Master has been out most days with idiot brother clearing the drive and salting the footpaths etc. Why idiot brother gets involved, or more to the point why master lets him get involved, I have no idea. All he does is get in the way. I personally like to supervise from the kitchen or the lounge (if the fire is on). Anyhow, all in all they haven’t done a bad job as we have been able to get between the cottages easily and out (although across the field) and down town whenever we have needed to. The farmer came up on Monday and cleared the snow drifts off the drive and it is now usable again.


smudge at our peak district cottages

Me discussing rations with the sheep


The farmer has been up feeding the sheep most days as the poor things don’t seem to have a lot to eat (I know their problem). They seem to do even worse than me. At least I get some dog biscuits for tea, all they seem to get is some hay. I have become quite friendly with the sheep (now we have a mutual problem – food) but idiot brother still won’t come near them. I do admit they do look a bit vicious but at least they are smaller than cows.

We went over to Chatsworth on Saturday to see the snow and watch people sledge down their slopes. Needless to say we weren’t allowed to get out and play with all the kids etc and had to wait until we had parked further along before were could have a romp in the snow. Although it was a bit slow with mistress (as usual) we did have some good fun in the snow and walked a mile or so before we had to turn back. Mistress got her view of Chatsworth in the snow.

smudge in our peak district fields

Me in the snow

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