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blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

It’s Mine!

I am not sure what the problem is but all of a sudden Smudge has gone completely ‘barking mad’. For the last week he has been as mad as a march hare. Always wanting to play, chasing me around the house, play fighting etc. I am exhausted.  What has happened to the docile, sleeping, eating brother I had last week. I am suppose to be the mad one not him. Master and mistress are equally perplexed. He isn’t getting fed anything differently so what has got into him? We suspect he has found a stash of ‘blue smarties’ or something similar. But if he has he hasn’t told me about them. Well hopefully he will be back to normal next week. I hope so because I can’t keep up with him as he is.

blue at our peak district cottages

Bubble packaging my favourite!

I disgraced myself a bit this week. I was helping out at our Buxton house when mistress dropped in to see how we were getting on. In my excitement to see her I forgot that my paws were a bit muddy (well to tell you the truth they were filthy) and I jumped up to greet her. She was not amused as she had one of her best jumpers on. I thought it looked quite fetching with black paw marks on in but she didn’t. Smudge came along too but wasn’t that impressed with what I had achieved over the last few weeks. All he could see was a mud bath with some walls and fencing around it. What I could see was a well designed dog garden that was partly complete. When we got back that evening, to our (click here),  I again forgot about my dirty paws and greeted mistress in my normal way. Another jumper with black paw marks on it. Oops! She was not very happy. So I was in the dog house for the rest of the evening.

Blue at Chatsworth

Me at Chatsworth

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