Silage Time – Smudge

Smudge in one of our peak district cottages fields

Me checking out the Silage -

Its silage time again so all the big tractors etc are out cutting, rowing, chopping and collecting – very exciting.  Although there is no silage collection on OUR cottages (click here) fields it does mean we have a lot of cows in our fields at the moment.  Idiot brother is not happy at all.  This morning master took us out for our walk and we went over to watch them cutting the first field on our side of the road.  It meant we had to go through 3 fields of cows.  Not a problem for me but idiot brother had to run all the way round the back fields to get round them.

The new cutter at our peak district cottages

The new cutter -

The young hooligans in the 3rd field were a bit uppity.  I haven’t had a chance to train them yet.  They will  learn who is in charge just as soon as  master isn’t watching, then I will sort them out. We spent a pleasant 10-15 mins watching the new cutter zipping up and down the field then wandered back to our own fields.  Poor idiot brother then had to run all the way back round the back fields to avoid the cows again.

The rest of the day we were left on our own while master and mistress went of to do the monthly business shopping.  They claim there would have been no room for us in the car along with all the shopping.  I didn’t mind much as I could get in some extra duvet time.  Usually during silage time my skills as a cow dog are called on to help bring in the milk cows but I wasn’t needed today.

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