Room ‘make-over’ – Blue

blue at our pet friendly cottages

OK! Where do you want me to start.

Its all happening at our peak district cottages. We are having a ‘Make-Over’ of OUR room. Its all very exciting. All our things have been moved out and master is busy painting walls, ceilings, woodwork etc. Our bed and cage etc have been moved out and our bed seems to wander around the house. So its great fun trying to find where mistress has put it this time. I’ve been over to Chesterfield with master to choose the colour scheme. I was all for ‘dirty muddy field’ colour but I got vetoed.  Don’t know why as I think it would be most appropriate. Its a very practical colour as Mistress wouldn’t be able to tell if it was dirty or not and we might get away without been wiped down so often.  It is now just a mater of time before we can move back in.

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Spring is in the Air!

I have offered to help with the painting on lots of occasions but master seems to want to do it himself.  Our en-suite is nearly finished. We are going to have a new shower and paw washing facility.  Our hope is that we will get washed down inside rather than out in the freezing cold. The en-suite has under floor heating, hot and cold water and even a fan heater to dry us off –  so the whole washing thing should be a nicer experience. Smudge should be grateful rather than wandering around looking grumpy. Mistress has also promised us a new set of bedding. Not sure why as I rather liked the old lived in set. Our bed is usually an old double duvet from the cottages so it is always big enough for both of us to snuggle into.

Smudge of course has been totally traumatised by the whole ‘make over’ thing. He just can’t cope with change. He likes things as they are. Me, I am game for anything.  Smudge nearly died of fright the other day. Mistress moved our food from its normal spot to make room for some new cupboards.  I think Smudge thought she might be throwing it away. He is always a bit sensitive about his food.

We got snow again yesterday but it seems to have gone now. I had lots of fun chasing the snow flakes and helping Master to clear the drive. Even Smudge joined in the fun in the end. At least he was a bit happier for a few minutes – took the worry about his moved food off his mind.

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