Red Arrows and I am in big trouble – Smudge

Smudge at Chatsworth near our peak district cottages


Its very rare that I get into serious trouble, its usually idiot brother but I have to admit this time I did over do things a bit. It started of with what I thought was a nice evening walk for a Picnic. The walk was a pleasant stroll over the hill from Bakewell. Master had parked in the Old Station Car park and we walked through the golf course and up and over the hill to look down on Chatsworth. I thought it a bit strange that for once mistress was keeping up with us but didn’t think any more about it. We arrived at our chosen spot to find one of master/mistress’s friends from Chelmorton had also decided to have a picnic at the same spot, as had a few other people. I thought this was a bit strange as usually we pick a spot miles away from everyone else. Mistress very kindly offered her friends a glass of some of her bubbly drink (very unusual) and we all settled down. The next thing I know there is an almighty roar and thunderous noise overhead and coming from all directions. Mistress was delighted as this is what she (and the others had come to see). It was the Red Arrows and we were in a perfect spot to  see and HEAR them. Well I must admit I don’t get on with things that are in the air, they annoy me, so I started barking to try and get rid of them but they kept coming back. So I barked more and started getting very annoyed. The more I barked the more master and mistress yelled at me and pulled on my collar but that didn’t stop me. I am sorry but I just don’t like noisy aeroplanes and these were very low and very noisy so I let them know I wasn’t happy. After about half an hour they went away and I could relax a bit. Master was blue with rage at me by this time and I think if mistress hadn’t been there he would have ……….. (I don’t want to think about what he might have done).

smudge at chatswoth near our pet friendly peak district cottages


Anyhow after they had gone and master had calmed down a bit a put on my ‘I am Sorry’ face (see picture) and cuddled up to master to see if I could get any sympathy. No such luck. He still seems mad with me.

The next day when there was a second display we were both left  at home. Now Idiot Brother was mad with me because of course he wanted to go but master just wouldn’t have either of us with them. Luckily they only walked  down our Peak District cottages fields to watch so they weren’t long but even so Idiot Brother wouldn’t talk to me (which is no great loss) for the entire evening. I am on my best behaviour at the moment and Master seems to be forgetting about my bad behaviour. He even fed us tonight (mistress was out at a committee meeting) and I am pretty sure he didn’t short change me on my rations.

The red arrows from our peak district cottages

The red arrows over chatsworth from Bolehill Cottages


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