Rain! – Blue

Blue near our pet friendly cottages

Me and Mistress

Ok I am getting a bit fed up with the rain here at our cottages (click here)s. Its April and it is suppose to be ‘sunshine and showers’ (or that is what master keeps saying). What happened to the sunshine bit. Although I personally don’t mind the rain, it is a bit inconvenient as every time I am allowed out (which is rare) I get the indignity of  being towelled down when I come back and, what is worse I have to spend a few hours in the kitchen rather than being able to dry off on a nice bit of warm carpet. The other problem with rain is that Smudge hates it and won’t come out to play.  The only way to get him out is by master pushing him out (he is currently looking into whether this is infringing his dog rights and is thinking of e-mailing the RSPCA). Even when we get him out he just sulks about waiting to go back inside. So he is no fun at all.

Blue near the cow at our pet friendly cottages


The other bad bad bad news is that the COWS are back in our side fields. This means that about half of our land is now out of bounds to me. I am not going in any field that has those great big things in. Smudge of course, being totally stupid, just doesn’t worry and wanders amongst them without a care in the world. Rather him than me. They seem to pick on me more than they do him. It can only be days now before I am going to be trapped in our front garden with cows all around. I am not looking forward to that at all. Maybe they won’t come this year. Unlikely as mistress likes them in our front field so I suppose I will just have to suffer in silence (as usual).

In all, what with the weather and everything, it has been a bit of boring week. I did get some excitement on Monday when master took the car round the garage. I was allowed to stay in the car when it went up on on the lift thing. A Garage looks entirely different from up there. I was also able to make sure they did their job properly. Other than that bit of excitement nothing much has happened except it raining.

Out and about near our peak district cottages



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