Providing a helping paw -Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me helping

What is it with people (especially master)? Whenever I try and help I get into trouble. Smudge just lounges about getting in the way rather than trying to help but he doesn’t get yelled at. Me I am always trying to help and all I get in return is “Blue Go Away”. Master has been resurfacing the car park, courtyard and outside of ourcottages (click here) with fresh stone. He seems to do this every 3 years or so. I am not sure why as everything looked fine to me but I must admit it is now great fun skidding on the new stone. The stone goes flying everywhere and masters face is a picture. We had 20 tons of stone delivered just before it snowed so we needed to get that spread out before the bad weather.

spreading gravel at our peak district cottages

Spreading Gravel on the car park

The farmer came up to help with his big digging thing so it didn’t take long. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to help. We were kept inside. ‘Out of the way’ – Mistress said. Cheek! I could have been useful. If nothing else it would have been fun watching master rake all that stone. The next step was to re-stone the footpaths etc around the cottages. This has taken a bit more time as we, well master, has had to use a wheel barrow to move the stone about. We are getting there slowly  but master, being a bit of a wimp, stops every time it rains  (which seems quite often at the moment). I am usually happy to carry on but he has something against getting a bit wet.

peak district cottages snow

A bleak landscape

The snow last week was fun. I helped master to get cars unstuck and generally try and clear the drive etc. Well actually we gave up in the end as it was too cold and windy even for me let alone master. Once the blizzard had finished and things had calmed down a bit I found it great fun playing in the snow. Its just such a pity I don’t have a more energetic brother. Although Smudge will play a bit he soon gets bored and wanders off to see if he can cadge some food of someone. We don’t often get snow s0 I think we should make the most of it. Anyhow all the snow has gone and we are back to mistress getting her plants ready for summer and master (with my help) finishing his outside jobs.

snow at our peak district cottages

Me in the Snow

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