Police, helicopters etc – Blue

Blue as a sniffer dog

I could have found him -

Great excitement at our cottages (click here) on Wednesday evening.  All of a sudden we had 6 police cars sitting in OUR front field. Master went over to find out what they were after and came back to report that they had chased a drunken driver into one of  OUR back fields.  A few minutes later a Helicopter arrived and circled around us for about an hour (the driver had made a run for it).  Smudge was not very happy as he doesn’t like the noise from Helicopters, so he hid under the table. Me I was all for going to help them but master wouldn’t let me out. In the end the police brought a couple of very butch looking Alsatians to track the person down.  Well they were absolutely hopeless (all brawn and no brains).  I am sure I could have done better.  The police never did catch the driver.  They just impounded his car and went away. Sure Smudge and I could have found him.  Can’t be that hard can it. We did try to find him the next morning but it was too late by then.

Mistress missed all the excitement as she was at her monthly WI committee meeting.


  1. Looking forward to returning to see the amazing ‘blogdog ‘ Adds a humorous touch to delightful holidays spent at Bolehill. Wish we had been there to witness the police chase but not due to visit until this week.
    Looking forward to our return visit .

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