Photo Shoot – Smudge

Smudge in the lounge

Me being Mugged -

Its been a glorious  few days here at our cottages (click here).  Master has been busy cutting down trees and moving fence posts so it has been a bit go-go-go.  I got another trip down town with Mistress which was fun (apart from the CAR bit).  Idiot brother has kept out of my way by being under masters feet or sitting in the car waiting to go places with master (why does he do that – totally mad).  We had a ‘photo shoot’ yesterday (master fancies himself as a photographer).  I had assumed he was going to photograph me but it turns out he was photographing a friend’s daughter for some competition.  We had to move the furniture out of the way in the lounge and mistress and a friend stood around like lemons holding up a blanket.  I tried to help as best I could.  I assumed they would want me to be in the picture  but no –  I got ‘mugged’ by the friend’s younger daughter, who kept me out of the way.  Of course idiot brother was nowhere to be seen.

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