Passed the Test- Blue

Blue at our Dog friendly holiday cottages

Me having fun with the leaves

Master did a very sneaky thing the other night at our (click here). He left one of our favourite treats on the kitchen table all night. I spotted it straight away but luckily remembered that we are not allowed to take things from the table, so left it.  A few moments later Smudge came past and also spotted the treat. Now Smudge was in a real turmoil. He knew he would get into serious trouble if he took it, but it did look very inviting and you know what Smudge and food are like. Anyhow just in case I got the blame for Smudge eating it, I decided to sit guard over it until he had forgotten about it (which with Smudge doesn’t take long – goldfish brain comes to mind). Anyway thanks to me we passed the test and got a real fuss from master and a double helping of treats (so it was worth being good). Mistress had no faith in us.  She thought we would take it.

Blue at our Peak District Cottages

Me helping with car cleaning

Our en-suite seems to have come to a stand still. Something about master being busy with the cottages.  So how come he seems to be able to find time to finish off mistress’s laundry room. Although he hasn’t completely finished it, mistress has started using it. We were a bit dismayed to find we are not allowed in it – something about us shaking all over the laundry (as if we would). Smudge is devastated as he was looking forward to curling up on the floor which has underfloor heating – far better than the cold floor in our room.

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