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Although the weather hasn’t been particularly nice we have managed to get out for the odd ‘excursion’. Of course we have had to ‘do’ the odd well dressing here and there but we have also managed to get out to visit a few other places as well.

A few weeks ago I got taken to Lea Gardens. Well it was really mistress that got taken and I just tagged along. Mistress likes the gardens at that time of year because of the colour and I must admit even I was a bit impressed. Well I was for a few minutes then it started to get a bit boring. One flower looks very similar to another to me (I think master feels the same). I suppose I can’t complain too much as we did have quite a nice walk around the gardens (even if I did have to be on my lead).

Lea Gardens

Lea Gardens

I was taken to Hopton Hall last week as mistress wanted to see the rose gardens (we usually go in spring to see the snowdrops) . Unfortunately they don’t allow dogs into the gardens so I had to sit in the car. Its OK I suppose, but I would have preferred to  go round with them. Luckily they weren’t too long but then we had to go ‘shopping ‘ in Ashborne.  What this really means is mistress goes shopping and me and master stand outside each shop being bored. We didn’t even go to the pet shop.

20160627_IMG_1553As usual we went along to see the Bakewell well dressings. Unfortunately we all got soaked as it started heavily raining before we finished looking at the last well. Even though we dashed back to the car we still got soaked which then meant I had to get towelled down when we got back. At least it was mistress rather than master (he is too rough). The weather at Youlgrave Well-dressing was a a lot better and we (they) managed to have dinner in the pub garden (nothing for me).

This week we had a walk in the Tissington area. Mistress managed to arrange it so we arrived at Tissington at about lunch time for a ‘lunch stop’ at the tea room. Unfortunately it was too busy so we had to sit and eat our own packed lunch by the pond. They had their sandwiches and I had a BIG chew (I think they gave it to me to distract me from the sandwiches). Although it was only a 6 mile walk I have to admit I did feel a bit creaky and tired the next day. Maybe I am getting old.

Tissington Pond

Tissington Pond

Old or not I still have my collie cow herding instincts. I may have retired from cow herding but we had a rogue cow that had jumped into our front field so master took me along to get it back into its correct field. It was a bit uncooperative to start with  but in the end it understood who was boss and sort of did as it was told.


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