Christmas – Blue’s story

pet friendly cottages - Blue in snow

Pet Friendly Cottages – Blue in Snow

Here at our home at the  Bolehill cottages we have 25 acres of grounds to roam in. Over all we don’t have a bad life although Smudge (my brother) complains that he doesn’t get fed as much as he would like and our master  does yell at me whenever I find interesting things to do.  In general life is not too hard. Preparation for Christmas was great.  All those boxes coming out of the loft and new things on the floor to lie in. I love Christmas.  Although it  seems strange that once I find something comfortable to lie on I get moved.

The snow was excellent (although my master didn’t seem to think so).  I was out as soon as I was aloud.  Smudge seemed a bit unsure (he is a bit of a wimp) but once he got the hang of it we had great fun.  Better was to come.  My master started to clear the drive which meant throwing the snow all over.  Catching the snow off the end of the shovel is one of my favourite games.  It does, however,  seem to annoy my master. Once that was over it was then time to catch the salt/grit.  Not sure about that!  It seemed like fun but it tasted horrible and my master got even more annoyed.  In fact he sent me in which didn’t seem fair.

Christmas itself wasn’t so good.  My master and mistress had some of their friends around for a few days. Although they seem to like us (they always make a fuss of us), the male is allergic to us. Or so he says – just because he sneezes very time we come into the room, doesn’t mean we have to be banned from all the warm rooms.  It is our house.  Instead of us been  confined to a cold room why isn’t he confined to the cold room so we can stay in the lounge. It doesn’t seem fair.  In fact I must check with the RSPCA to see if this is abuse.

It wasn’t too bad I suppose.  We did get some scraps from the Christmas dinner (although smudge grumbled, as normal, that he hadn’t had enough). We were taken out for a walk on Boxing Day. We had to stay on our leads all day so it wasn’t as much fun as usual.  I am sure it must be against my Dog rights to keep us on a lead ALL day. Maybe it is something to do with the males ‘Allergy’.  Anyway they have gone now and we are allowed back into the main house.  Now where was that mat by the fire – I had better get there before Smudge does. If you want to see what you are missing have a look at my master’s web site (we have our own page) at pet friendly holiday

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