OK I was a bit scared – Blue:

A Present left by an admirer

A Present left by an admirer

Now I am not usually a scaredy dog (well except for those cows, oh and those vicious sheep, oh and the odd table napkin that looks a bit threatening blowing around in the wind)  but this was different. This was a lot of crashing and banging. There I was fast asleep when all of a sudden there was a massive bang. It even woke Smudge (usually the only thing that does that is the mention of food). Then there were more bangs. This got me very worried. Smudge was no use, he just sat in the corner shivering. I tried to call master but couldn’t get a woof out. I decided the best thing was to try and get to master and mistress (they might need me) so I tried to scratch my way through the door. Luckily master must of heard me and came down to make sure we were OK. Well I was a bit shaken up but Smudge was a wreck. Anyway we all sat together which calmed Smudge down a bit.  It sort of calmed me down a bit but I must admit I may have disgraced us dogs a bit.  When there were a lots of loud bangs I did try and get into some very tight corners and tremor a bit but it was only during the very worse part of the storm. Mistress was very kind and sympathetic. Master was his usual gruff self and just told me not to be so stupid (well that was helpful).

I was only a 'bit' scared

I was only a ‘bit’ scared

At last the storm passed and we could all get some sleep. Master has now got some strange sort of herbal spray to keep us calm. I personally was all for him a getting us a bottle of Vallium. If it works for humans it must work for dogs although I am not sure what would happen if we gave it to Smudge. He is laid back enough as it is. A couple of those and he would be completely away with the fairies. Anyway Smudge likes the spray thing as every time we get given it we get a treat. Well that is good enough for Smudge. Me – I am not sure. It may help a little bit as I wasn’t quite as nervous yesterday evening when it all started again. But personally I am lobbying for the Vallium.


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