Oh No! They are back – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Its safer this side of the fence

Easter passed without anything exciting happening at our cottages (click here) as mistress and master were working all the time. We had some friends to play with  and a few children that made a fuss of us but apart from that no walks or anything. The beginning of the week was OK.  I managed to  help master install a TV system in the new village hall, so people could watch ‘the wedding’ on a big screen. As usual it took a lot longer than he had planned.

Wednesday was a really bad, bad day. Mistress and master went off to Leek without us. That meant I had to spend the day with Smudge.  He is just no fun. All he wanted to do is sleep all day.  Why?  There is always loads of things to do. For instance I kept a careful eye out for intruders and generally made a noise if I suspected anyone was likely to break in.

a cow at our pet friendly holiday cottages

They are Back.

All I got for this vigilance was a ‘keep quiet’ from Smudge. Someone has to do the job. Anyhow when mistress and master got back I ran out to greet them to find there were now COWS in OUR front field.  Where had they come from?  They weren’t there in the morning. I hadn’t heard them arriving.  Now you may not remember but I don’t really like cows.  They are a bit big and don’t do as they are told. So just in case I keep at least a wall or fence between me and them.  This means at times I am restricted to our front garden and guest lawn.  Smudge of course is too stupid to realise how big and menacing they are. Master is the same, he just walks through them.  Actually thinking about it most people do. What is wrong with them can’t they see how big they are.

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