Now the Snow has Gone – Blue

Blue in our peak district cottages fields

Me looking for Moles

Now the snow has gone I can get on with my job of catching moles (well actually trying to catch them).  The snow was terrible for us mole catching dogs.  You could not see where they were.  But now the snow has cleared I can go round our cottages (click here) grounds checking.  I can usually find a few among our 22 acres of grounds or in the fields next to us.  If only the moles would stay around a bit longer once I find them then I would show them who is boss.  One problem I have when moling is that I am forever getting washed, which at this time of the year just isn’t good.  I did actually catch a mole once  but all I got from my master was a “I suppose it was dead before you found it”.  Well that’s gratitude for all my hard work.

It was fun yesterday watching Smudge.  The guests in Derwent cottage had left some bread out for the birds.  Well food and Smudge are like magnets.  The only problem was that it was just out of his reach. For an hour I sat watching him try all sorts of tricks to try and get to it.

Mistress’s friend went home today which is a shame as I think she was starting to sort of like us (me especially).  Although she didn’t seem to be too keen on our normal morning welcome.  Maybe she was still half asleep or maybe I should cut down on the jumping a bit.

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