Now I am in real trouble – Blue

Blue at our Peak district cottages

Me trying out my Sorrowful look

Thursday started out fine at our cottages (click here).  I didn’t manage to get into trouble all morning (which is unusual).  By about lunch time we had figured out that the farmer was slurry carting in the back fields.  This is a great opportunity to go rolling (enhances a dogs self esteem to roll in something nice and smelly) and generally getting dirty.  Master never seems to be that amused after I have spent an hour enhancing my esteem. In fact I am not sure why I bother. I come back on top of the world and all that happens is I get taken out to the hose pipe and washed down.  Anyhow we were playing in the field and kept getting further and further away from home.  All of a sudden I looked round and Smudge was no where to be found.  It turns out he had headed home a few fields back – something about being  worried he might miss out on any lunch time treats (no sense of adventure my brother).  In any case I couldn’t remember my way back, so started to get a bit scared.  Just as I was getting desperate I spotted some walkers.  They looked as though they knew where they were going.  So I decided to follow them.  After a few miles I realised that we were in a village we have been to quite a few times. But how to get back home?  In the end (being a smart dog) I decided to head to the one place my master sometimes  goes to – the pub.  So I wandered off  to see if he was there.  Luckily the pub landlady spotted me and saw my dog tag. She rang my mistress who came over to pick me up. I thought I would be in real trouble but she seemed very pleased to see me.  Anyhow just in case, I decided I had better put on my sorrowful look for the rest of the day (how does Smudge do that so easily) and hope she would forget that I had been away for most of the afternoon.  Master didn’t look very pleased when he came  in. So I decided it was safer to spend the rest of the day in our cage (just in case).

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