Now he is in trouble – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me at our front door

Idiot brother has done it now.  He has figured out how to open our door into the main house.  Why he should want to, I don’t know.  Our duvet is nice and warm and cosy, so why would he want to go wandering around the house. Our home is the corridor between the house and the reception to our cottages (click here).   Anyhow the first time he opened the door, after we had been put to bed,  master found him and immediately put him back to bed.  Master hadn’t been gone a few minutes and the idiot does the same thing  again. Well master was not amused and nearly lost his temper with him (when will he learn not to upset the master).  He put him back to bed with a very stern talking to and this time bolted the door.  That did the trick. In the end he settled down for the night.

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