Not the Christmas Fair – Smudge

Smudge at chatsworth house

A scrap at last!

After all the rain we have had over the last few days at our cottages (click here) it sounded like a great idea to go for a walk from Carlton Lees car park to Chatsworth House. Ok it was likely to be a bit muddy but nothing we couldn’t handle. It wasn’t till we go to the car park that we realise why we were walking from Carlton Lees. There was a Christmas fair on at Chatsworth that mistress wanted to go to. So why not park at Chatsworth? Well apparently they were charging £10 to park there and master being a Yorkshireman wouldn’t pay it. So we parked at Carlton Lees and walked over to Chatsworth from there. Bit of a result I thought until I found out how muddy it was. There were streams where I am sure there weren’t streams before and massive puddles you couldn’t possibly jump over. One stream in particular was a bit wide and cold. Master just walked across, mistress walked across it a bit gingerly, idiot brother got soaked because he misjudged the distance and I went further up stream to find a narrower spot.


smudeg at chatsworth house near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Did I say something?

Apart from getting filthy (which we knew would result in a hosing down when we got home) we got to Chatsworth in  reasonable time (even with mistress stopping every few minutes to admire the view). Initially the crowds were a bit much. No one seems to notice dogs in crowds and we were forever getting jostled and nearly stood on. Mistress seemed to be in her element as there were food stalls all over. Only one stall selling dog things and we were frog marched past that pretty quickly.  As usual at this sort of thing we have to keep stopping to let mistress sample things and buy all sorts of stuff that we will never see. Master just stands and suffers with us. At lunch time we (they) managed to find a seat in the stable yard and had a ‘Hog roast’. It looked big enough to share around but as normal we just got a few scraps. By now the crowds had thinned out and the late afternoon sun was shinning so it was quite pleasant ambling around sniffing all the cooking smells and being fussed over while sitting waiting for mistress at every other stall. We even got a bit of pie (called Shirley’s Pie – very appropriate) from one stall holder.

Smudge at chatsworth

I see no ships!

On the way back to the car master decided to go via higher ground to try and avoid all the puddles which we were grateful for. Once back at the car mastered muttered the ‘G’ word (Garden Centre) so off we had to go to the Chatsworth Garden Centre (at Carlton Lees). We of course had to stay in the car but poor old master had to go. We just sat and brooded about the forthcoming hosepipe wash we were going to get when we got home. Not a nice thought at all.

As expected on arrival home the first thing that happened was ‘Smudge come here’. Then the freezing cold hosepipe. Idiot brother ran off but was soon caught by master and dragged back to the hose pipe. All in all a nice day spoilt by a cold hosepipe.

smudge near our peak district cottages

Do you have any food?

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