Not sure about Cable Cars – Blue

blue at heights of Abraham near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in a Cable Car!

Thursday was a glorious day at our cottages (click here)s so after we had been out for our morning constitution with mistress it was decided (well mistress decided) we would go to ‘The Heights Of Abraham’ in Matlock Bath. It didn’t sound that very exciting to us but when mistress mentioned there was a Cable CAR Smudge slunk off to our cage and I became more interested. It can’t be too bad if we were going in a car. I like cars so it could be fun. Anyway we parked up at the railway station in Matlock Bath and walked over to the Cable Car. As soon as I got there I knew there was something wrong.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages Bakewell

Smudge enjoying the view

I couldn’t see any cars and there was a lot of whirring and clanking. Then when these funny looking glass cabins arrived and I was unceremoniously dragged into one I was not happy at all. What happened to the Car bit. It got worse.  The thing took off and the ground disappeared until it was 100’s feet below us. Smudge seemed to enjoy it but I was sure at all. What happens if it stops (I am not jumping that distance)? What happens if whatever was holding us up broke? It was a long way down. Mistress loved it. She claimed it reminded her of Austria. Well if Austria has loads of those things I don’t want to go. I decided the best place was under the seat where I couldn’t see what was going on. At last it came to a stop and I could get off. I suppose the good thing is that when we got off we were at the top of the hill. Very clever and we didn’t have to spend ages waiting for mistress to catch up with us.

Blue at the heights of Abraham near ot peak district cottages

Lunch at Heights of Abraham

Although dogs are allowed into the park they are not allowed into the buildings or the caves. However, we were allowed to go through the cafe and sit on the outside balcony with master and mistress while they had their morning coffee, over looking the town. Mistress enjoyed the view over Matlock Bath and again talked about how it reminded her of Austria. I think she was trying to convince master that he should take her on holiday there (I will stay at home). After coffee master disappeared down a cave for half an hour. So we were left to wander around with mistress. We met up with master at the top of the hill where he popped out of another cave entrance. We were then let of our leads for a run and mistress admired the view towards Matlock before we all descending back into the park. Master and mistress climbed a tower to see the views (it looked a bit steep so luckily we were allowed to stay at the bottom) and mistress went down a second cave. So there was lots to do.

After a pleasant lunch on the cafe balcony and a bit more walking round (and an ice cream for mistress) we had to get back on that cable thing. I had assumed we would be walking down but oh no we had to go in the cable thing. It was a bit less worrying on the way down and mistress was very sympathetic. Again Smudge seemed to enjoy it as did mistress. Anyway at last we got back down safely. I am not going to be fooled by cable cars again. They are not cars. They are things that float in the air and are very worrying.

Blue near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking towards Matlock

As it was still so warm we were taken for a walk around Matlock Bath before returning to the car (a proper car) before going home.

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