Not Snow again – Smudge

Smudge in front of the fire at our peak district cottages

Snow what Snow

I thought we had finished with the snow stuff at our (click here) months ago but it seems to be back.  Idiot brother is all excited but then he would be.  Me I think it is cold and wet – bring back the summer. I was happy lounging in the sun.  This cold stuff gets in your paws and is a real pain. Master wasn’t too impressed either. We all had to go out BEFORE breakfast to clear the drive.  There wasn’t too much snow so it didn’t take too long.  The cows didn’t look very happy. I don’t think I would either if I had to stay out in this weather – I would be straight down the RSPCA citing cruelty to dogs.

a visitor at our pet friendly holiday cottages

An intruder

We got abandoned on Tuesday while mistress and master went off to Sheffield for the day. Something about shopping at Makro. Idiot brother was annoyed that they had left us behind but I just settled down for a long encounter with my duvet.  It wasn’t too bad anyway as the handyman was still here and he took us for a walk at lunch time.  Everything was fine until idiot brother decided he would chase the migrating geese (idiot – he’s not going to catch them is he).  He was about six fields away before he stopped. He came back in the end but the handyman was not impressed and kept us in for the rest of the day.  Fine by me but again idiot brother seemed a bit annoyed. Serves him right. Anyhow when master and mistress returned we found that they had been shopping for us.  Big bags of dinner and lots of chews etc. Not a bad day after all.

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