Not Snow Again – Smudge

Smudge on the doorstep of our peak district cottages

Me waiting to be let in

Its started snowing again at our(click here).  Just when I had got used to seeing our green fields again they are now covered in snow – AGAIN.  Idiot brother of course is over the moon about it. Running here and there trying to catch the snow as it falls.  Far too much like hard work for my liking.  What was worse Mistress left us out side for some of the time and didn’t seem to hear me asking to come in.  Idiot brother didn’t help, he just continued to play in the snow.  Master didn’t look too pleased about the snow either.  I suppose he was worried that he might have to clear the drive.  At least mistress lit the fire in the afternoon.  To try and be helpful I snuggled down near to it, so I could keep a careful eye on it for her.  Just to make sure it didn’t go out you understand.

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