Not impressed – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me on a Bad Day

Just when I was getting use to this snow thing, here at our Peak district cottages,  I have decided it isn’t for me.  Getting around is getting very difficult.  I know I am not the biggest dog around (although I am bigger than idiot brother) but these snow drifts are just not fair.  And to make things worse the snow keeps giving way under me.  Just when I think I can step on it without problem it gives way and the next thing I know I am up to my tummy in snow (very cold).  Getting out then becomes interesting and idiot brother is no help.  He still seems to enjoy it – but then he would wouldn’t he.

At least ‘the bird’ is back.  Have I told you about our wag tail.  It provides us with endless amusement.  Master thinks we are off our trolley but all we are doing is honing our instincts and anyway it keeps idiot brother out of mischief for a while.  We just love to sit watching it run along the roof line and then hop from tree to tree.  Every now and then when we get a bit bored we woof and off it goes to reapear somewhere else.  Great fun.

Mistress seems better and is now taking us out for our morning walk.  Alot better than with master.  No yelling at us and she gives us treats every now and then.  We never get that from master.

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