New year – Smudge

New Year was a bit boring. Master and Mistress seemed to be working all day and it was cold out so I decided to chill out by the fire.  We lost two of our friends  from the Bolehill cottages today/yesterday.  It was time for their master to go home. The friend in Lathkill cottage had been great fun as he was allowed to play with us in the snow. The friend in Magpie cottage was an Alaskan Husky so he was used to these kind of arctic conditions.

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Me Checking the weather

Idiot brother  found a dead Hare in one of the fields.  I assume it was dead when he found it! He usually can’t catch a cold let alone a Hare. Being stupid he decided to eat it (its a good job our master didn’t catch him). Well the obvious happened: he was sick all afternoon.  Great – that meant we were on pasta for dinner (the mistress always gives us pasta when we are not feeling too well).  Maybe if I  I chew off one of his legs it will stop him being so stupid.  Mind you I would probably get into all sorts of trouble with the master.  He hates having to take us to the vet.

At bedtime, idiot brother excelled again.  Just after bedtime there was a small bang (I assume a firework).  Idiot Brother went loopy and tried to get out of our room.  By some miracle he managed to release the latch which let him into the kitchen and the rest of the house.  There was then a lot of yelling as our master and mistress found him in their bedroom. I don’t know how he managed to find it, as we have never been allowed in there).  Anyhow it wasn’t all bad, we were put back to bed with another treat.

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