New Village Hall – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me talking to THOSE cows -

Sunday started off as though it was going to be a disaster at our cottages (click here).  It was raining so no walk! Luckily it brightened up by lunch time and we had a lazy lunch time sitting watching the cows from our front field and chasing the odd swallow while master and mistress had their lunch.  After lunch it was decided that it was nice enough to walk over to our village hall (in Over Haddon) where they were putting on an open day showing what the ‘new’ Village Hall will look like.  So off we went across our fields and then across Andrew’s (our neighbours ) fields.  We always like this walk as we don’t have to be on our leads and we know all the best places to sniff etc.  There is always a good selection of swallows to chase as well.  The only problem is that there could be COWS.  Andrew’s fields were fine but once we got into the next set of fields – there they were.  Luckily they didn’t spot me so I crept around the edge of the field and over the wall sharpish.  The rest of the walk into Over Haddon was uneventful.

Shirley at the Lathkill Hotel near our pet friendly holiday accommodation

Mistress having a drink at the Lathkill

Once we got to the village Hall we were unceremoniously tied up outside. Something about dogs not being allowed in. So what they are doing to the village hall I have no idea.  After a brief stop (enough time for Smudge to get a doze in) we were taken on to the pub for master and mistress to get a drink (nothing for us).  Its rather nice at the Lathkill as you can sit in the beer garden which has a spectacular view over the valley.  Then it started raining.  We waited a bit but then it was decided that we would ‘risk it’.  Luckily it wasn’t raining too bad.  I managed to avoid the cows in the first field but when we got back to our own fields the cows were waiting for me.  Now I know I am not allowed on the road on my own but these were extreme circumstances.  Master was very annoyed with me but what could I do? I am not running through that lot.  In the end master came and rescued me and  put me on a lead.  He then ‘FORCED’ me to walk through the cows with him.  I think the cows are a bit intimidated by  him,  so they kept well away from us.  I was very relieved when we got back to the house and I could make sure there was a fence between me and those cows.

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