Nestle’s Farfel Christmas Commercial

Retro Christmas commercial for Nestle candies with Farfel the Dog.

Duration : 0:0:30

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  1. when we got a …
    when we got a Golden Retriever in ’99, she had a way of slapping her mouth shut. It reminded me of something – but what? It bugged me for months, and I couldn’t make the connection, even tho it seemed clearer each time.
    Then one day it hit me – it was an old commercial. Eventually, I pictured a puppet…named Farfel the Dog.

    I assumed the puppeteer must have had a Golden, but the snapping sound was a mistake nestle liked.

  2. How can anyone be …
    How can anyone be scared of Farfel he’s cute??? I used to be scared of the Energizer Bunny lol!

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