Nearly didn’t get a walk – Smudge

Smudge on Eyam Moor

Me on Eyam Moor -

The day started fine at our cottages (click here).  It had rained in the night so when we went out with mistress for our morning walk it was a bit wet under foot. But nothing too serious as we didn’t get washed down as we sometimes do. Next I realised everyone was getting ready to go out for a long walk.  The sandwiches were being prepared etc and then we noticed that ‘Idiot Brother’ was no longer around.  Master called him, whistled for him etc but no ‘Idiot Brother’.  We hung around for about 15 Min’s then master decided he would head over to Sheldon (his normal destination) to see if he could see him.  Mistress as usual was very upset.  Me I don’t care.  If he gets lost it would be no great loss – more biscuits for me and maybe twice as much lunch. Master didn’t find him but 15 mins later he came sauntering down the courtyard as though he hadn’t been away.

Anyway an hour late we got off on our walk (we even took HIM with us).  we had a very pleasant walk in the spring sunshine around Eyam (the ‘plague village’ about 15 mins from our peak district cottages) and Stoney Middleton and back.  As usual lunch was hopeless.  Not one scrap for us.  All those sandwiches and all we get is water. Still it was very pleasant and HE behaved himself.  Luckily we got back to the car just as it started to rain.  They don’t take rain coats for us.  So we would have go wet then been blamed for making the car smelly and a mess.

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